Southie's Next Massive Development—The Edison

Earlier this year in April, South Boston's century-old power plant whose smokestacks loom above Summer and East 1st streets was sold to Hilco Global and Redgate Real Estate.

On August 10th, Hilco and Redgate began their first conversation with the South Boston community about some high level ideas they had for the 18-acre waterfront property.

The meeting, with about 40-60 in attendance was short on details but they did share 8 guiding principles as a reference point to start a conversation:

  1. De-commission and continue the cleanup of this heavily industrial site so that it is healthy and safe
  2. Take down the walls and fences surrounding the site and create connections into and through the site so it's accessible and inviting to the South Boston neighborhood to the waters edge.
  3. Convert the site to a live, work play mix of uses that fits with the neighborhood.
  4. Preserve and protect the continuing operation of an active, thriving Conley Terminal.
  5. Include retail and other uses, and significant public spaces that will be used by the neighborhood.
  6. Preserve some significant building elements to give the site character and a sense of history.
  7. Minimize the use of cars by providing better transportation alternatives.
  8. Make the site green, sustainable and resilient.

The meeting ended on a positive note when members of the South Boston Arts Association presented a case for a South Boston Arts & Cultural Center being built as part of the 18-acre redevelopment plan. Now that's something I would get fully behind!

More to come! Next community meeting will take place on Wednesday, September 14th at 6:30PM at the Tynan School. 650 East 4th Street, South Boston. See you there!

The  power plant  that looms over  South Boston on Summer Street and East 1st Street

The power plant that looms over South Boston on Summer Street and East 1st Street